The same thing as before. however, each card now has a short story to tell.

currently made lewdcards + story:

Lewdcard 01: Rabbit-suit woman
its rare seeing someone wearing something as obscene as a bunny suit in public. as both of you made eye contact, she slowly walked towards you. she pulled down her suit, showing her breasts. its going to be a long night today...
Lewdcard 02: Angry Karen
working as a cashier for minimum wage isnt fun at all. what seems to be a mother walked towards you, she looks furious. but you didnt notice that due to the fact that she was naked. she slammed her hands to the table, "Ive been looking for a long time, and theres no size XL t-shirts at all in this store! wheres the manager?!" she yelled. maybe working here isnt so bad after all!
Lewdcard 03: Succubus
after reading what seems to be gibberish in the cult book you bought for 10$ online, a succubus appeared in front of you. you stood there, frozen in shock. the succubus too seem fairly confused as to what is happening. she must be a rookie then!
Lewdcard 04: Cyberpunk Favours
it was another bright busy night at the shopping district of Sector 7-AA. with the roads and alleyways luminated with neon lights and the distinct buzz they make. on your way back to your home, you notice a girl hanging about in an alleyway. looking from her hand cybernetics, she seems to have some kind of gun. although scared, you went in to ask her regarding what shes doing in a place like this. she simply replied, "im just horny right now."
Lewdcard 05: Rookie exhibitionism
it is another average day at the city of pythagorea. Elise was invited to try out exhibitionism, something she has never done before. as thriling walking naked in public is, it is only natural for her to be embarassed.
Lewdcard 06: The Swamp Lady in Heat
You we're sleeping in your swamp cabin after a long day of crocodile hunting. you heard a loud noise, must be the coyotes trying to eat your hard earned crocs. you open the door, rifle in hand. but instead, you saw a large tall and busty creature. you stood there in awe of what you saw, not noticing that she was going to your cabin. "i heard you're the only male in this area...-" she asked.
Lewdcard 07: Computer Virus!!
oh no! your computer has been compromised by those god forsaken viruses! however, this virus is quite a strange one. especially with the fact that you cant really fuck a computer!
Lewdcard 08: [CORRUPTED_DATA]
[STARTING MEMORY RECOVERY...] /////y//h w/ fou/d her near/a d/mp. lets try fixing it, maybe sh/ still has a fighting chance to be alive again. i wonder what kind of rob/t she is? from her form, shes prob/bly a sex robot, but she could as wel/ be a heavily modified home assistant... the thought of that and her being in a dumpster only makes me feel worse... lets/just g// //is re//i/ ove//with. /////////// [END OF LOG]
Lewdcard 09: Date with the "ugly" Girl
you sat in your table for a speed dating session, when a girl sat in front of you. she was naked, and she was also quite busty, though you didnt notice them. you we're to focused on her massive eyebrows...
Lewdcard 10: Wowzers!
Lady Geometricus is in heat again! her split personality doesnt help either. they always seem to argue with each other if they should go and ask people to help them in their heat. "No! im not letting my virginity ruined by anyone but my love! even if it means i have to deal with this heat for the rest of my life!" Green yelped. "Oh stop being a pussy greenie! im sure he wont mind, especially with the fact that youre in heat!" Blue replied harshly.
Lewdcard 11: Hello ollǝH

You can feel it in your mind

Oh, you can do it all the time

Plug it in, change the world

You are my electric girl

Lewdcard 12: Milk! Milk! Milk!
her breasts was filled with milk. she didnt know why or when this happened, but she has to deal with it somehow. for the past couple of days, shes been groping herself, making milk spew and lactate from her tits. she has cummed multiple times, and she enjoys it.
Lewdcard 13: Lewd-em Up
you had vague memories of this cartridge. you knew that its an average Famicom shmup, and you have played them multiple times, but you have never seen one as lewd as this! when you play two player with yourself, 2nd controller unplugged, the 2nd player ship just becomes invinsible and stays in the right. all of the dialog are more lewder as well...
Lewdcard 14: Empress
the Empress of pythagorea has been sitting in her throne naked recently. according to the guards in her castle, it is a test for the guards to not get swooned by her forms! but according to the empress herself, shes very horny recently, and just want people to look at her naked.
Lewdcard 15: Hey
youve been dating someone recently. she was quite lightheaded and slow. on a recent date, she went to meet you without any clothing whatsoever. embarrased from this, you told her to go to a bathroom and quickly buy her a set of clothes. it doesnt help that when you returned, she was masturbating fairly hard. no matter what she acts like, you still love her anyways.
Lewdcard 16: The Lovely Twins
this is your first time being in a brothel, you decided to meet up with the twins. they only look fairly identical in form, the only thing different is the colours, and their horns. this only makes you more hornier than before.
Lewdcard 17: The Summoning
it was dark and terrifying. you woke up fully naked, your hands and feet tied up to what seems to be a sigil of some sorts. a familiar shape slowly walks near you... its the nun you dated recently! she was slightly bleeding from her mouth, and she looks quite sinister. scared, you struggled to escape from her, but to no avail. this might be the end of your life... and that thought immediately dissapeared when she began jacking you off. is this some kind of kink she has? you're starting to doubt if she really is a cultist, but when you finally cummed, something appeared behind her.
Lewdcard 18: Maybe Some Cults arent so Bad!
that thing behind her is a demon! she was a cultist afterall! you we're motionless, scared of whatever will happen. "aaah... gosh its been a long time since anyone summoned me... hell down there was really boring!" she yawned. you stared at her scared, though that fear decreased when you noticed her large breasts. "calm down hun! we're not going to kill you! the only sacrifice i need is human semen~" she stated, while placing your cock between her breasts. maybe some cults arent so bad after all...
Lewdcard 19: A very Sexual and Confusing Alien abduction
you only see white and nothing else. as your vision regained, your conspiracy theory obsessed brain realized something you have feared will happen... an alien abduction! they we're real afterall! you we're strapped to a chair naked, you we're scared! whatever alien you see, it must have dragged you here for a painful autopsy or something similar! that is of course what you think would happen, instead a busty alien went in and sat next to you, lube in hand. both of you seem quite confused as to what is going on, but atleast you would know that whatever test this is, its a very sexual one.
Lewdcard 20: Interstellar Ambassador
[BREAKING NEWS! HUMANITY MEETS AN INTERSTELLAR ALY? PYTHAGOREA SENDS AMBASSADOR, AND IS MEETING MEMBERS OF THE EICC IN A SECRET LOCATION. REASONS STILL UNKNOWN.] the earth interstellar contact council (EICC) members sat in their tables, awkwardly sitting, occasionally glaring somewhere else. the ambassador was naked. "greetings people of earth, i am ambassador Tessela. i am very sorry regarding my uhm... choice of clothing. pythagorea is currently in their heat session, and we rarely wear clothes at uhm... at times like this..." the EICC can tell that theyre going to have a very long and tiring session with her.
Lewdcard 21: Queen Abicus the III, Queen of Pythagorea, 1909
Queen Abicus the III was the Queen of Pythagorea for quite a long time. She was a wise and noble queen, and she takes care of her kingdom very thoroughly. She was quite a horny Queen though. although shes a queen, she enjoys going to brothels, not caring about her class in pythagorea. it doesnt matter if pythagorea was in their heat season or not, she will be horny. shes was loved by her kingdom due to her humbleness, and her very high horniness.
Lewdcard 22: Ms. Abicus the V, President of Pythagorea, 2001
Abicus the V is currently the president of pythagorea. just like all of the members in the royal family, she is seems to be in heat constantly no matter what month it is. though unlike most members in the abicus family line, shes the most tame. she is able to somewhat handle her urges unlike her past relatives. of course there are times where her heat is unbearable, and she needs someone to fuck her. though she doesnt mind whoever fucks her, she likes to have sex with the ministry of agriculture, Basilimus.
Lewdcard 23: a VERY lewd birthday!
the room was pitch black, she couldnt see anything. she decided to turn on the lights, only to be surprised by her two friends. A"happy birthday abby!"A they yelped. abby was quite surprised by this, though shes more surprised about the fact that theyre naked. "come on abby! lets strip down and have some fun should we?" one of her friends asked. they later spent the rest of the day having sex.
Lewdcard 24: the encounter with the "botanists"
you went to your garden, prepared to do your gardening work. though when you did finally reach the place, it seems that someone already did the job for you. after you investigated further, you saw something near one of your flowers. it seems to be a female botanist, smelling the flowers. botanists are strange human like creatures, they live in tribes and they communicate with sign language. theyre also fairly smart. the one in your garden seems to be solitary, maybe shes been abandoned by her tribe? or maybe she has been living a solitary life in the first place? you went closer to her. interestingly, she didnt run away from you. you assumed that she must been quite familiar with humans, but after you went closer, you smelled what you can assume is cinnamon. its seems that shes horny. you decided to help her out and brought her home.
Lewdcard 25: Helping a botanist in heat
[CONTINUING FROM LEWDCARD 24...]The botanist was clearly in heat, you can smell the distinct smell that they emit during these times. you slowly undress, which only made her hornier. since you dont want to hurt her, you slowly inserted your dick inside her. it is clear that she was a virgin. you didnt try to be too rough with her, knowing that it might be painful for her, though after a while, you started speeding up. luckily, at that point, she was used to it. you continued to mate until midnight. knowing that heat lasts weeks, you let her stay in your home.
Lewdcard 26: Back in the botanist tribe...
the botanists have a strange mating ceremony. usually it starts with one of the females going to the chief's tent to ask for permission. if that doesnt work, then they will resort to other "methods". unlike most other species, the female botanists are the dominant one. we have not discovered why they make the chief male, however. botanist males are very submissive, which can be an issue if the female wants to be dominated. sex is not done privately. instead, it is done publically outside. it is not often that during heat season, you will see many botanists mate outside of their tents. botanists are allowed to watch the couples have sex. the botanists are allowed to masturbate when watching these sessions. in fact, it is usually reccomended by the chief, and the tribe healer.
Lewdcard 27: ENCORE's set during NEOCON 2011
Emi Delta, also known as Encore [Stylized as 'E N C O R E'] is a Musician, and DJ from nortern pythagora. She has made two albums, both peaked on number one at billboards. her songs has been described as industrial and dark by many critics. currently, shes currently working as a DJ. shes mostly known for exposing her breasts during sets or on public appearances and interviews. occasionally, she goes around fully naked. she has been arrested multiple times due because of it.
Lewdcard 28: Deca, Pythagorea Military Drill Sergeant
Llana Deca (Sgt. Deca) is the current Drill Instructor of the Pythagorea Military. she is a very stern person, and known to be quite strict to her squad. she is skilled in self defense, and will attack anyone who she feels too suspicious near her. however, behind her rough personality, she is a very sensitive and soft person. it would take a long time for anyone to see her real self, and only her closest friends and relatives have seen how she usually is. during heat, she still keeps her strict personality, but its way easier to see her more soft half.
Lewdcard 29: Hunting Botanists
The image shown depicts botanists hunting for meat. during dry times such as drought, or when they are unnable to photosynthesize properly (possibly due to diseases/ defections), they will go out to hunt instead. starving botanists will have their mouths open up, which lets them eat. once they are no longer hungry, or when theyre no longer in an emergency, botanists will seal their mouths back shut. we asked some botanists if they usually do blowjobs when they do have mouths, according to them, they rarely do that. though some might resort to blowjobs for some sustenance. [note: one of them gave me a blowjob. its fairly sloppy, but its good enough that i cummed. the botanist swallowed all of it, probably because they really need something to eat.]
Lewdcard 30: Cave Botanists
This image was taken when we discovered a cave botanist colony. we found a couple hunting, and managed to go to their cave. surprisingly, one of them can speak english, though poorly. the male couple was very camera shy, unlike his female counterpart, which radiates confidence. the cave was fairly dry, and no tent was visible. instead, they sleep together in one spot near the campfire. occasionally during sleeping, some of them may have sex.[note: they REALLY love handjobs. i saw a clearly pent up male cave botanist on the floor panting during our visit, a quick handjob and a kiss was enough to make him nearly empty his balls.]
Lewdcard 31: Desert Botanists
While exploring the nearby desert with our jeep, we managed to find a group of desert botanists. they seem to mostly prey on insects, which would explain their mouth shape. when we did find them however, it seems that theyre in the middle of mating. we interupted them anyways. this was somewhat of a bad idea, since one of them immediately lept to one of our researchers and began to jack him off with her fairly long tongue. other female botanists also went to have sex with our other members, some proceed to have oral sex with our female researchers. whats left were the male botanists, who seem to be really pent up. i had no choice but to help them out and jack off each and every one of them.[note: belly rubs make them cum harder.]
Lewdcard 32: Fungal Botanists
during our visit to the cave botanists tribe, we heard a rumor of some kind of botanist that feasts on rotting corpses and dead plants. we were intrigued because there was one type of rare botanist that does just that, though it has only been written in books. we decided to lower a camera to one of the deep holes they used as a grave. after seeing some dead decomposing corpses, something suddenly grabbed our camera. afterwards, we were able to get a photo of the fungal botanist, one of the rarer kinds of botanists. we decided to descend down to the cave to check them out. after reaching its surface, other than the rotting scent of death, we found one of the fungal botanists trying to eat our camera.[note: fucking their tuboid tongues is a bad idea. they will spew acid on your dick because they think its food.]
Lewdcard 33: a Fine time at the Nudist Beach
Its been a while since me and elesa met. due to mostly personal issues and family problems, we we'rent been able to meet physically. today, she was able to meet me again. granted, both of us didnt expect to meet each other, and both of us never thought that we will meet at the nudist beach either. i've never seen elesa naked before, ive only been able to fantasize about it. though now, i suppose that has been fullfiled. it was fairly awkward when we met, but after a while, we got used to it. i cant wait to do the things we wished we could back before.
Lewdcard 34: The Business card
it was some generic trade fair that day. i was forced by my manager to go join it. as much as i dont want to, i suppose its better than working in that god awful place. i was wondering about the area, looking at other jobs services and products, and getting a high amount of business cards that i'd probably throw away. some products did interest me, but i have no intentions in buying them. after visiting exhibit after exhibit, i came into a lonely little stand in the corner of the exhibition hall. there was a lonely, but lovely lady, sitting there alone. i decided to went to her out of curiosity. after a bit of chatter, i asked about what job she work for. she smirked for a bit before giving me her business card... and a condom. she simply winked at me and said, "here's my business card... im always open...~"
Lewdcard 35: Blindfolded!
this was a fairly strange party... them renting an entire fancy ballroom for what literally is a sex party is one thing... and everyone wearing blindfolds and being naked is another... hopefully things dont go... too randy...~
Lewdcard 36: Basilimus's conundrum
"y- yes ms. president?" basilimus stood in her office after being called. pythagorea and the human race is still not allowed to meet together, due to current events for earthlings, quarantine, and such. however, some members of the EICC is going to go in and meet some members of the executive branch today. everyone in the pythagorean royal house is in stress because of the meeting, and the current pythagorean heat session, including abicus herself. which is why she often calls one of her favourite person to call for 'relief'. "hnnn... basilimus...?" she asked him, her breasts fully exposed as usual. "ma'am...- i- as much as i'd love to help you... we... we cant do this right now... m- ms. president...-" basilimus replied. abicus stood up, smiling as usual before undoing his pants. "a- ah! m- ms. president-" "just call me abicus, basilimus..." she interupted him, before being slapped by his erect cock. "oh my... it seems that you also need some... relief too... hm?~" she slowly stroked his bulge. "a- abicus...-" though both of them know that at any moment, the members of the EICC will walk into the halls of pythagoreas royal carpet... both of them decided to help each other out... just for a bit longer...
Lewdcard 37: Belly rubs for a cute desert botanist!
during our research on botanists, we found a group of desert botanists mating. intrigued, we walked out of our jeep and went closer. things got out of hand when they noticed us. they immediately pounced on us and started to do sexual favours for us. lucky for them, we were quite pent up during our travels, and after meeting other desert botanists during our travels. one of the botanist girls were quite raunchy on me, so i decided to do something that we learned from some of our research, and started rubbing her belly. she immediately moaned from contact, and it only took a couple of seconds for her to cum. she kept telling me to continue, though, so i kept giving her belly rubs. after a while, both us and the botanists were satisfied. well, except for me. my dick still havent gotten any relief yet.
Lewdcard 38: E N C O R E encounter
i was walking at late night just out of boredom, and mostly so i can go outside more often. i later passed to a local dance club. it was empty and near closing, so i didnt walked in. and looking inside, it was quite a mess. while i continue walking, someone went out of the club. it was encore! i loved her songs! by reflex, i opened my phone and tried to share my experience. granted, after thinking further today, it was quite awkward. luckily though, she didnt seem to mind me taking a photo of her. heck, she even showed her breasts to me! i know that encore shows her breasts very often, but seeing her breasts in front of me was a different experience. after taking a photo of her, she asked if i want to fuck. i feel like im in a wet dream...
Lewdcard 39: Subway Naps
it was late midnight, you and your coworker buddy suzanne we're absolutely tired. doesnt help that both of you have lost your caffeine drive. knowing how far her house is, she requested for her to crash in your place for a while, so you brought her with you. you went to the subway station you usually go everyday, and luckily enough, your train back home has just arrived right before you walked in. knowing how late it is, no one was inside the train, so you decided to use it to take a quick nap. in the middle of the train ride, some turbulence caused you to wake up, and to your surprise, suzanne's breasts are out in the open. you had the urge to fondle them, but you know better and decided to keep it to yourself. that was until she slowly woke up, chuckled for a bit, and told you that "y... you can do whatever you want with my tits, silly..."
Lewdcard 40: Tanlines!
it was the usual day at the studio, you we're prepared to take photos of a model as usual. you had no clue of who the model is today, so you just assume she was the usual runway model. to your surprise, the model walked into your studio naked. and she seems to be that one pornstar that you jacked off to everyday. this will be a long day...
Lewdcard 41: The Upperclass Woman
"aah... greetings my fellow friend..." alina, your old friend chuckled, with her breasts out in the open. "how are you? it has been a... very long time since we met..." you blushed as she slowly walked closer to you. shes known to be an exhibitionist, and with the defense and power of her husband, who owns one of many large companies in the area, she was able to walk out topless without people looking at her. shes quite polite towards middle classes like you. she was also polite towards the working class and often emphathize with them, occasionally helping them. though this usually makes her fairly strict husband frown upon her. "say... since we walked away in different paths, i have been pondering on your... 'member'... would you mind if i see your... private parts?" she chuckled again. though you still love her, and she is humble, you can tell that this lifestyle has changed her a lot.
Lewdcard 42: The Worker Class Woman
from a distance near one of many mass working areas, you saw dannyl sitting in a nearby bench, another old friend of yours. unlike alina, her family has experienced a lot of severe falls, which caused them to fall back to the working class. you went closer to her for olds time sake. "hey... arent you... oh fucking god its been so long...!" she ran and hugged you. it seems that she missed you the most. you noticed that her clothes are... questionable. "yea i know... my clothes kinda make me look like a prostitute..." she chuckled. "i mean hey... if it helps you get a quick buck, its good enough, aint it?" after that sentence, you do notice what seems to be cum on her breasts and a hand mark. "heh, whatever brings food to the plate i guess..." you noticed that shes covered in grease, and scars as well. you we're quite concerned for her health, though she seems to look quite strong. "hey now, no need to get all worried about me, ok? i'll be fine... i think-" she looked you on the eyes. noticing your fairly sad gaze, she continued "how about i go on and make your cock feel good? im sure it'll be larger than the usual that i have to deal with everyday."
Lewdcard 43: A Tight Fit...!
this is a strange experience. out of the blue, you had the sudden urge to wear clothes that are way more tighter than youre used to. with this in mind, you went to the nearest clothing department and start finding something tight and small. after a while, you found yourself a small tube top. you went to the changing room to try it out. as expected, its extremely tight. so tight that your breasts cant seem to fit, and pop out. this only made you hornier. with your pants down, and your pussy drenched, maybe you should masturbate... or even better... masturbate out in the department without people knowing...
Lewdcard 44: RKRd - Stonewall Project, Norway, 12/05/17
RKRd is an artist who mostly focuses on Jungle and drum and bass songs. in 12/05/17, he went to the Stonewall Project in Norway for a DJ set. people are obviously excited. and like any other concert that has existed, there are some girls who are showing off their tits out in the open.
Lewdcard 45: Crikey! its 'Rattlesnake' Elise!
It was a bright hot sunny day as you and your steed run throughout the baren desert, with only nothing but cacti and abandoned wagons. after a long trek, you decided to take a break in the middle of the desert. you know that danger can be anywhere, so you keep your revolver ready. suddenly you hear the sound of a rattlesnake slowly coming fast towards you. crikey! its the infamous 'Rattlesnake' elise, with her lucky snake tail charm, and her... topless clothes... she points her gun at you, ready at any second to strike. you point your revolver back at her, with your finger in the trigger. "youre quite an idiot thinking that a sssimple revolver could beat me, pardner." you we're strangely aroused and scared at the same time. "l- look elise, h- how about a bargain? i uhh dont... want to... to hurt a lovely madam like you!" she sighs. "if youre just trying to get your dick sssucked, then go to a brothel then wont ya?" afterwards, you woke up in a shed with a nurse right beside you, with little to no memory on what happened.
Lewdcard 46: Watashi no shokushu buki: Kyūkyoku no chikara!
"Watashi no shokushu buki: Kyūkyoku no chikara!", or My Tentacle Weapon: Ultimate Power! is a fairly obsecure hentai that was made in late 2002. the plot is about a girl named aiko and a tentacle monster working together to stop crime, and occasionally have sex either in public (if no one notices) or privately. the hentai only has 5 episodes, each one having a plot of destroying a villain in some way or another. after being discovered by some users in the 'lewd4life' forums, it became fairly popular.
Lewdcard 47: The Strange Assasin
There are old stories of a highly intelligent assasin, who can kill and dissapear without a trace. of course, this is like hundreds of other assasins, but what makes her different, is that she seems to have sex with their victims right before their deaths. though unclear why, it is possible that she does this to make their deaths a happy pleasant one, as to not cause any vengefull spirits to attack her.
Lewdcard 48: Milking Feels so good...!
it was an average morning. with nothing to do and no one to talk to, you decided to do the obvious thing. you took your breast pumps and milk your breasts out. you often do this because of how good it feels. you really love the sensation of milk pouring out of your breasts. after a while, you decided to try and masturbate (which you never did during milking). the mixed feeling of the breast pumsp stimulating your breasts and you rubbing your wet clit makes everything feel euphoric. every flick of the finger feels like someone thrusting deep. and more milk spew out. you think you might be addicted to this...
Lewdcard 49: T H E L U S T A N G E L . . .
"be not afraid my child. i bring no harm. i am the angel of passion and lust, and i have been brought here to help you. we have noticed that recently you have lost interest in... self pleasurement. after further investigations, its clear that this is caused by you missing a... mate. be no longer upset, my child. i shall be your mate... i see that you are already... erect from my sight. that is good... let us wait no longer... you may now insert your member inside my clit. we can do this for as long as you want. let your lust run free...!"
Lewdcard 50: Thats all folks!
Those are all of the cards (for volume one perhaps...?)! i hope you enjoy these as much as i enjoy making them!
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