these cards are made with ms paint and a mouse. they are 124 x 190.

these cards also have some short stories to tell. you can check them here:


if youre mostly interested in information regarding the species check them here:


currently made lewdcards:

Lewdcard 01: Rabbit-suit woman
Lewdcard 02: Angry Karen
Lewdcard 03: Succubus
Lewdcard 04: Cyberpunk Favours
Lewdcard 05: Rookie exhibitionism
Lewdcard 06: The Swamp Lady in Heat
Lewdcard 07: Computer Virus!!
Lewdcard 08: [CORRUPTED_DATA]
Lewdcard 09: Date with the "ugly" Girl
Lewdcard 10: Wowzers!
Lewdcard 11: Hello ollǝH
Lewdcard 12: Milk! Milk! Milk!
Lewdcard 13: Lewd-em Up
Lewdcard 14: Empress
Lewdcard 15: Hey
Lewdcard 16: The Lovely Twins
Lewdcard 17: The Summoning
Lewdcard 18: Maybe Some Cults arent so Bad!
Lewdcard 19: A very Sexual and Confusing Alien abduction
Lewdcard 20: Interstellar Ambassador
Lewdcard 21: Queen Abicus the III, Queen of Pythagorea, 1909
Lewdcard 22: Ms. Abicus the V, President of Pythagorea, 2001
Lewdcard 23: a VERY lewd birthday!
Lewdcard 24: the encounter with the "botanists"
Lewdcard 25: Helping a botanist in heat
Lewdcard 26: Back in the botanist tribe...
Lewdcard 27: ENCORE's set during NEOCON 2011
Lewdcard 28: Deca, Pythagorea Military Sergeant
Lewdcard 29: Hunting Botanists
Lewdcard 30: Cave Botanists
Lewdcard 31: Desert Botanists
Lewdcard 32: Fungal Botanists
Lewdcard 33: a Fine time at the Nudist Beach
Lewdcard 34: The Business card
Lewdcard 35: Blindfolded!
Lewdcard 36: Basilimus's conundrum
Lewdcard 37: Belly rubs for a cute desert botanist!
Lewdcard 38: E N C O R E encounter
Lewdcard 39: Subway Naps
Lewdcard 40: Tanlines!
Lewdcard 41: The Upperclass Woman
Lewdcard 42: The Worker Class Woman
Lewdcard 43: A Tight Fit...!
Lewdcard 44: RKRd - Stonewall Project, Norway, 12/05/17
Lewdcard 45: Crikey! its 'Viper' Elise!
Lewdcard 46: Watashi no shokushu buki: Kyūkyoku no chikara!
Lewdcard 47: The Assasin
Lewdcard 48: Milking Feels so good...!
Lewdcard 49: B E N O T A F R A I D . . .
Lewdcard 50: Thats all folks!