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if youre visiting this website, you must be either be intrested in taking care of koi girls, or you already owned one. in any case, this is the perfect website for you...! this website is dedicated on taking care of these lewd hybrids that we love so much. before we begin our journey, lets try to understand what these koi hybrids are, where they came from, and many more...

Whats a Koi Hybrid?

Koi Hybrids are these wonderful creatures that was made artificially as an experiment on creating hybrids. after multiple attempts, scientists are able to create an animal/human hybrid. at first, they we're planning on using these hybrids for military, transplant, and government related things that i dont really have much knowledge about. the koi hybrid has a very interesting personality. they seem to be very obedient towards whoever takes cares of them to a near maid like manner, and will do anything to make their masters happy. after the project failed, they decided to give away some of the hybrids to koi fish farmers. and soon enough, these koi hyrbids became a popular sex object.

these hybrids have slippery skin, a human like body, and gills, though they are able to breathe air for a very long time. and there are no male koi hybrids.(yet...!) all koi hybrids are always females.

a quick disclaimer towards people who are reading this website, this website is not intended towards people who are interested in using these hybrids like some kind of disposable sex toy. we are people who truly care of these magnificent creations, and want to take care of them as much as they want to take care of us. if you are one of those people, please dont even try to take care of them...!

koi hybrids are of course quite horny, and do require sex. but before you call me a hypocrite, theres a difference between consensual sex, and literaly torturing these poor creatures for your enjoyment!

sex is very easy with these hybrids due to their obedient nature. but just because theyre obedient, doesnt mean that you can keep asking them for sex over and over again. too much of it, and your koi hybrid can mentally break, and theyre usually hard to turn normal again. but if you rarely/never have sex with them, they might get pent up and start to become a bit sluggish and noticably upset. sex should be kept at a normal rate, and though they are very obedient, try to ask them for consent, because theres a chance that they dont want to have sex during that time. i might elaborate on this more sooner.

The Basics

before we start to go in depth, we need to know the basic things every koi hybrid needs.

2 Seperate Pools/Bathtubs

because these hybrids are still part fish, they require a place to submerge. knowing that these koi fishes will live most of their time outside of water, you dont require any large installations. a simple bathtub will do just fine. but bigger can be better. the bigger the pool they live in, the happier they will be. assuming that you might breed with your koi, make sure you have two places for them to submerge in. they will use one to rest, and the other for breeding purposes such as egg laying, masturbation, ect.


this is an obvious one, but these hybrids obviously need foods. usually your local humane koi farmer will give you a pack of fish food for them. in which case, you will hold atleast a handfull in your hands in front of them, and your koi will usually feed from them. now although this is easy, it is obviously more better to feed them real food. if possible, only use these fish foods for emergency purposes only. your koi will feed on anything edible in their mouths. they can eat most meats, and luckily theyre different enough from their fish cousins that they can eat fish meat without any issue. so you dont need to cut out fish from your diet.


though you could just leave them to wander naked on your house, it is obviously better to have them wear clothes. though their skin are slippery, theyre not wet. so you can just give them clothing. usually they will remember to take off their clothes before they return to their pools.

Sex toys (optional)

of course, you can always have sex with them, but what are the chances that you are always ready for sex all the time? These sex toys would hopefully give them enough sexual release if youre not in the mood, or is not avaliable. get the basics such as a vibrator (for their nipples and their vagina!),and a dildo. these will usually be enough for them.

Condoms and Birth Control(optional)

though koi fish only become fertile once in their life (meaning that once they lay their first dosen of fertile eggs, they cant make fertile eggs anymore), if you're not planning to start a koi fish farm, its best to have a condom or some birth control around, unless your koi is no longer fertile

now that we got the basics jotted down... lets get to the meat and potatoes of this relationship!

Sex with your Koi hybrid

koi fish hybrids tend to have an extremely high amount of horniness. and most people are unsure of why, even i dont know! but sex is an important part of you and your hybrids relationship. like we said before, you should only have sex with them if they truly consented with it or asked for it, and you cant have sex too often or else they might break.

there are many sexual things you can do, but for the sake of simplicity, we will seperate them to two categories.


these activities include blowjobs, hugs, cuddling, handjobs, titfucks, and so on. these will usually be used to get both of you 'excited' for sex. though you can also do it just to make them feel happy. if you dont feel like having sex, you can always just carress them sexually. though they wont be as satisfied, they will be happy enough that they wont be as pent up as before. foreplay is as important in sex as the actual penetration, since its to prepare both of you for what might be the best feeling pussy you might feel...!

usually, their most sensitive parts are their fins, their breasts, their bellies, and their heads and mouths. so these might be the things youre aiming at during foreplay.


penetration is obviously putting your penis inside your koi fish. if this is their first time, you have to do it in a slow and gentle manner, and slowly speed up. if theyre more experienced in sexual favours like these, you can go as hard as you can, but dont go too hard that it harms you or your koi fish!

what does it feel like, you might ask? well, its somewhat hard to explain, but it is the best thing you might feel. koi fish pussy are usually very tight (in a good way!), slippery, and warm. lubrication is rarely needed since their pussy is already lubricated in the first place. because of how slippery their pussy is, you might find your dick slipping out a couple of times. once you get used to the rhythm of how things work, this will usually happen less.

of course, there are more to this than just foreplay and penetration. we're now getting to the more weirder parts of koi fish pleasure!

My Koi Hybrid is Lactating...!

most, if not all koi hybrids tend to lactate, and is usually random on different koi fishes. some might lactate after laying fertile eggs, while some dont. some might even lactate before they lay their eggs. in any case. taking care of their lactation will usually help comfort them a bit.

an obvious one is by giving them breasts pumps to aid them in lactation, but personally, i think the best way to comfort them is by sucking on their breasts. now this is somewhat taboo in the sex world, but it usually makes them calm down easier, so you should atleast try to do some breast suckling... if you dont feel like it however, milking them like a cow is always good enough. just squeeze and milk their breasts like you would do to a cow, and milk will start to pour out from their breasts. this is usually very orgasmic for your koi friends, so proceed with caution!

once theyre done lactating, they usually end up tired, but still very pent up from all of the breast teasing. in which case, try to gently finger them while kissing them. this will ease their horniness, and will usually make them fall asleep. in which case, slowly bring them back to their resting pool.

Help with Egg Laying

sooner or later, fertile or not, your koi will lay their eggs in their breeding pool. this is perfectly normal for them, even if you never had sex with them. but when they do start to lay their eggs, it is necessary for you to comfort them. for a koi fish whos laying their first batch, this might be a new experience for them, and they will need you by their side. the best way to comfort them is by basic foreplay. handholding and kissing will calm their nerves fast, and breast vibrators might help them too. for these koi fish, egg laying feels somewhat painfull and pleasuring. with every egg they lay, they will cum. for some fish, this might feel too stimulating and overwhelming, in which case like before, handholding will help them deal with it easier. you can also try hugging them, but make sure you're careful and not break their eggs. even if the eggs arent fertile, they will take good care of it, and one breaking might be an extremely sad experience for them.

the following info are for other miscellaneous things that are fairly important, but is not necessary to know.

Accidentally breaking your Koi Hybrid

if during sex, your koi fish started acting strange, you need to pull out, and gently bring them to their sleeping pools. during this time, you should be with them as much as you can. they cant really ask for basic necessities during this state, so you have to give extra care. if they start to cry for something sexual, simply kiss or carress them. this would hopefully calm their nerves, but not make them last longer in this state. once they fall asleep, they would hopefully get better tomorrow.

please remember that they will be a bit more sensitive after this, and that it might be easier to break them again after this state. proceed with caution...!

Koi Hybrids Cum obsession

though rare, some koi fish might be really obsessed with your cum. pleasing them and their obsession is very simple.

jacking off will usually make your cum obsessed hybrids satisfied. the sight of you cumming is enough to make them euphoric. cumming on them can also satisfy them too.

this obsession usually stem from mentally broken koi hybrids or ex-slave koi fish.

My Koi fish is Traumatized from their Ex-Master

if you found a koi fish that seems to be traumatized from their previous experiences, and you want to help them. bring them to your home and let them sleep in a seperate room. provide them clothing that does not show or exaggerate any sexual parts such as their breasts, like an oversized hoodie. do NOT do anything sexual with them when they still experience major grief on the topic. for a day or two, leave them alone, while occasionally checking in and bring them food. dont feed them fish food, since its probably the only thing they eaten in their time. once they start to get used to living in the house, try to make them trust again. in their eyes, you are a person who will probably attack them. things like casual small talk and statements to comfort them will usually trust you. if they feel comfortable, you may hug them.

after a long time, your koi friend will be as happy as she used to. after this, do not engage in any sexual activities unless they asked for it, or if they consented and is fully comfortable with it. when you finally engage, do not do anything drastic, extreme, or hard. you have to be gentle with them.


here are some questions that i get often,

can i make my koi independent? - you can, though it takes a long time to do.

would my koi do strange kinks that im into? - if it makes you happy, then it will make them happy too. your koi would probably be into any kinks that you're into, as long as its not too extreme or mentally taxing towards them.

how do i know if my koi is fertile or not? - fertile koi tend to be a bit larger than infertile ones. there are many more factors, but thats the easiest one to detect.

can a koi be angry? - they can, and they usually get angry if you give them less attention towards other koi or people, and many other things. angry koi will usually be less obedient and tend to yell alot.

i hope this deep dive into the world of hybrid koi will make you intrigued and interested in them...!

Jack - koi enthusiast